Founder of the Krisstel brand
designer Svetlana Shelefost -

Krisstel - Ukrainian fashionable designer clothes

Style is the language of fabrics and silhouettes, colors and textures. He tells others about our mood, character and attitude. A decade ago, Ukrainian women wore only branded clothing created in Europe, and the phrase "Ukrainian clothing brand" most often caused only surprise. Several years have passed - and brands made in Ukraine confidently declared themselves on the world stage. Thanks to the efforts of designers, Ukrainian brands of women's clothing today arouse the interest and respect of fashionistas on all continents.

The Krisstel philosophy

Krisstel has become a worthy alternative to European brands for Ukrainian women. Thanks to the efforts of the designer and founder of the brand Svetlana Shelefost, today we can buy original clothes made in Ukraine at affordable prices and create stylish feminine images.

The company was founded in 2007 by Svetlana Shelefost. The new brand became one of the first creative platforms for Ukrainian designers. The fashion history of Krisstel began with the creation of a collection of women's blouses, but the assortment has rapidly expanded - today you can complete your fashionable wardrobe for all seasons with clothes under the Krisstel brand.

Krisstel's specialists have developed standards that guarantee the perfect tailoring of each product:
high-quality Italian materials and accessories (the founder of the brand personally purchases raw materials in Italy and controls the quality of all fabrics and parts);
use of accurate patterns;
control at all stages of production.

The brand's designer is confident: every woman should feel comfortable and confident. And fashionable clothes only help to reveal and emphasize these qualities.

Ukrainian clothing manufacturer Krisstel offers a huge range of items and accessories for different seasons:

Stylish clothes from the Ukrainian manufacturer Krisstel: features

The main principle of the company is an individual approach to each model, as well as work in accordance with European quality standards. Professional designers of the company create models for different types of figures so that each client can choose a product that is ideally suited to her particular features.

Krisstel brand women's clothing is distinguished by a recognizable handwriting. Classic basic items combined with fashion trends are the main message of the brand. The classics cannot be boring - the creator of the company is sure. And the designer proves this every season in his new collections. Thanks to the skillful harmonious combination of modern fashion trends and classic approaches to cutting, comfortable and at the same time stylish models are created for every day and for special occasions.

Designer womenswear features sleek, modern silhouettes and prints, highlighted by classic cuts and sophisticated decorative details. The brand's collections include airy dresses made from natural fabrics, and blouses and skirts with an elegant silhouette, and practical, comfortable casual shirts, and sophisticated cardigans with smooth lines.

Online store of Ukrainian designer clothes - your profitable shopping with Krisstel

We have taken care of your convenience, comfort and savings - you can now buy Ukrainian-made clothes at favorable promotional prices:

  1. Krisstel branded women's clothing can be bought at popular fashion events and shopping fairs. We run regular seasonal sales. Follow the news so you don't miss out on profitable opportunities.
  2. Many people mistakenly believe that all quality branded products are expensive. But one of the key principles of "Krisstel" is the ideal ratio of price and quality. Christel clothing is business or casual dresses and cardigans, warm coats and jackets, trousers and vests at affordable prices.
Interesting! The brand offers beneficial cooperation under the Cumulative Discount program. Offline and online store visitors receive a fixed discount on clothes, and holders of bonus cards can participate in raffles and buy things at lucrative promotions.

Clothes of the Ukrainian fashion house Krisstel can be bought both online in one click and in boutiques in Kiev and Dnipro. If you have not yet decided on the choice, contact the professional consultants of our store. They will advise you on how to choose a cut according to your figure, talk about fabrics and accessories that are used in sewing, and also share production secrets. Women's clothing Krisstel from the Ukrainian designer Svetlana Shelefost is one of the best offers on the Ukrainian market. And we did everything to make the purchase process as simple as possible. After shopping with Krisstel, you will only have a pleasant experience!

Each collection of the Ukrainian brand is a woman's story. A modern, self-confident Ukrainian woman who knows how to set goals and achieve them, but at the same time remains feminine, sensual and desirable. Write your story with Krisstel branded women's clothing!

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