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Founder of the Krisstel brand
designer Svetlana Shelefost -

The history of the KRISSTEL brand began in 2007. The designer of TM "KRISSTEL" Svetlana Shelefost decided to found a Ukrainian brand that will produce high-quality women's clothing. At that time, the Ukrainian market was filled with European brands, as well as imported products, so the desire to create “Made in Ukraine” clothes was more than justified.

The main task that the founder of TM "KRISSTEL" faced was to fit her own models on various types of figures, and at the moment we can safely say that we did it well.

Initially, the company gained fame on the market thanks to the collections of women's blouses, but over time, the KRISSTEL brand expanded its product range, presenting its customers with the entire range of women's clothing from outerwear to light assortment, including seasonal knitwear.

In the fall of 2014, under the auspices of Yulia Savostina, the main propagandist of everything Ukrainian, journalist, TV presenter and author of the book "In Search of Made in Ukraine" - TM "KRISSTEL" released a capsule collection, created in collaboration with the famous stylist Olga Slon. The decision to attract a stylist and create a fashionable collection led the brand to a winning combination of "quality-style" and was definitely liked by Ukrainian women of fashion.

TM "KRISSTEL" is known for its ability to combine classics with the latest fashion trends. We produce women's clothing, which is distinguished by its quality, individual approach to each model, and also meets all quality standards in the European market. These are women's clothing that will easily fit into any modern woman's wardrobe.

In the KRISSTEL collections you will find elegant jackets of a classic cut, airy blouses made of silk and cotton, dresses with refined lines that emphasize the femininity of the figure, as well as light everyday looks.

A clothing store from the Ukrainian designer "Krisstel" can help you in the successful achievement of your goals. Here you can find comfortable, stylish clothes in a classic style. It is ideal for work and meeting friends. We will tell you why it is pleasant to do business with us, how we differ from the rest and how you can order clothes of a Ukrainian designer in an online store.

Our store works to help our clients create a unique style. We chose the classic direction, as it is quite popular and, with the right approach, allows you to combine fashion trends with generally accepted classics.

Fashionable women's clothing in Ukraine

Style largely determines how people around us perceive us. He creates an image, individuality, the very zest that remains in the memory of others. Fashionable women's clothing in Ukraine is represented not only by foreign brands, but also by domestic ones. The Krisstel brand is one of the few that has been actively working in the Ukrainian fashion industry for 13 years. It has been a long and not always easy journey, thanks to the support of our customers.

Today "Krisstel" is a company that has several stores in Kiev and Dnipro. We are actively developing the direction of regional offices. Soon it is planned to open stores in Odessa and Chernigov. Therefore, today we are ready to offer cooperation and wholesale fashionable clothing in Ukraine. Our collections, as well as the clothes of many Ukrainian designers, are presented in online stores of partners, as well as in offline stores. Our online store contains the latest current collections. You can purchase any item.

Fashionable women's clothing in Ukraine is profitable with us

It has always been believed that a quality item in our country must certainly be expensive. A modern clothing store by Ukrainian designer Svetlana Shelefost, on the contrary, will try to establish an affordable and justified cost.

"Krisstel" is one of the affordable and profitable fashion stores. We offer our clients not only the optimal combination of price and quality, but also excellent conditions for cooperation. Wholesale fashionable clothing in Ukraine with "Krisstel" becomes more accessible. We work with various stores. Our team actively supports initiatives to develop domestic fashion trends. We strive to create optimal conditions for cooperation. We are looking for individual solutions with each partner.

"Krisstel" takes care not only of wholesale customers, but also offers favorable conditions for customers. For regular customers, we have created a Cumulative Discount Loyalty Program. "Krisstel" offers its customers a fixed discount on goods in our stores. We arrange various prizes and promotions for cardholders. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of the program in the corresponding section of the site. Our clients can count on understanding and support.

Also, "Krisstel" regularly holds sales and takes part in various shopping events. For example, “Pajama Shopping Night at Ocean Plaza” or “Shopping weekend at the“ Karavan ”mall. All events are announced on our website, so you just have to follow our "News" section, and you will always be aware of new promotions, events and changes in our life.

All details are available on the official website. Here you will also find contacts for communication. Our representative will answer all questions and help you navigate. It will not be difficult to order goods on the site. We deliver to any corner of the country. In Krisstel stores you can pay in a convenient way.

The main goal and task of the "KRISSTEL" brand is to correctly choose an image for a woman, both in business life and in everyday life, which will psychologically and emotionally correctly affect others and allow our clients to acquire an individual style.

Collections of TM "KRISSTEL" are made exclusively from Italian materials, so they always keep up with the times, not inferior in quality to other European brands.

An indicator of the quality of TM “KRISSTEL” clothes is our customers, who from year to year purchase “KRISSTEL” clothes, updating their seasonal wardrobe in KRISSTEL stores.

In the development and production of clothes of TM "KRISSTEL", we adhere to high quality standards, such as:

  1. Exact development of patterns;
  2. Implemented quality control system in production;
  3. Quality raw materials that form the basis of our collections.

TM "KRISSTEL" has a long history of cooperation with a well-known world brand-manufacturer of fabrics. Threads, accessories and finishing materials are the best on the market in Europe and Ukraine.

Our motto is "price - quality!" Natural fabrics and exceptional quality are the priorities of TM "KRISSTEL", acting on an equal footing in a democratic pricing policy. Therefore, in our collections, ideal dresses for all occasions are combined with universal jackets at an affordable price, inexpensive stylish tops with classic trousers that fit like a glove, and cozy coats become the object of desire of hundreds of fashionistas throughout Ukraine.

There is a bonus loyalty program for regular customers of the brand throughout the KRISSTEL chain of stores. Also TM "KRISSTEL" regularly provides discounts, organizes promotions and seasonal sales for the entire range.

The TM "KRISSTEL" network covers 2 stores in the two largest cities of Ukraine.

Store addresses:

Kyiv, Showroom Elektrykiv Street, 26/30a

Dnipro, SEC APPOLO, Titova street, 36

In addition to the retail network, clothes of TM "KRISSTEL" can be purchased online in the corporate online store. The brand also takes an active part in fairs of Ukrainian manufacturers: Vs. Svoi, UAmadeFest, Ukrainian Fashion Market and other incredibly popular activities.

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